Client Testimonials

Testimonials from my existing and previous clients
Peter McAleer

Owner @ The Bridal Centre

I had hired Derrick to do some Google Ad Display and Search work; he was proficient and affordable. His website articulated a lot of engineering and funneling we wanted to build out.

Along with the Ads, we branched out to having him manage the SEO account and when we switched to Ontraport had him build out several funnels as well.

Derrick is articulate, takes the time to understand your business problems and needs and is able to successfully complete the tasks once the goals are defined. So his best values is his understanding / comprehension, which allows him to execute (also contribute). Throughout my years I’ve worked with many people virtually and I usually designate a small controllable project/concept and see how they handle it before graduating them. They usually complete but you learn a lot about the personality of a person and their ability to lead the task to completion. Derrick has by far been the easiest/most successful for this criteria.

Joshua S.

CEO @ EasyTrim Reveals

I managed Derrick for around 3 years when he was employed full-time with us at EasyTrim Reveals. I saw his growth from our sales department into heading up our in-house marketing. His adaptability proved very valuable throughout the years.

Derrick distinguished himself by consistently putting in the extra effort and has superb communication and analytical skills. Though he has moved on from us in a full-time capacity, we have kept in contact and continue to work together on a project by project basis.

Denisa Tova

Founder & CEO of Various Companies

My team and I really enjoyed working with Derrick. We found him very responsive and took the time to explain to us what we needed in terms us non-marketers could understand. 🙂 During the time we worked together, Derrick helped me with a few of my companies. Across them he helped out with Google Ads, marketing emails, built a website for me, connected my CRM to AirTable, and organized my webinars (I know I’m forgetting a number of things). Really Derrick became my marketing department that I could trust was in good hands.
Maytal Gilboa

CEO @ Emet Digital

Derrick is an awesome addition to our team. Very professional, knowledgeable, and always available when things need to be changed quickly. We highly recommend working with him!
Carlos Aguilar

Head of Growth and Optimization @ Conversion Surge

I called upon Derrick on numerous occasions to help out with my agency’s workload when our client needs were too large for us to handle internally. For a few of our clients, Derrick helped us create and optimize our sales funnels. Some of the tools and skills he used for this included ClickFunnels landing page builder, evaluating and writing copy, and creating and writing Facebook ads.

I’ve always felt comfortable assigning Derrick projects knowing he’d deliver professional results that our agency has come to be known for. I’m always been impressed with how quickly he’s been able to complete the projects we assign to him and never hesitates to get clarification on assignment.

I would highly recommend using Derrick to help grow your business.

Joe Pellegrino, Jr.

CEO @ J Michael Consulting

I can’t write enough good things about Derrick/85 Campaigns. When we first met we spoke about utilizing ClickFunnels to into a CRM and membership site I was creating. He introduced me to Ontraport which saved me an incredible amount of time and headaches. Derrick was integral in setting up and launching our membership site, setting up our marketing funnels, and segmenting our lead/user base for future opportunities.

Since I have continued to utilize Derrick/85 Campaigns for consulting and for my other client's projects as well. He has ran Facebook ad campaigns, created landing pages, and setup marketing funnels for a number of my clients and I’ve been impressed by his responsiveness, willing to try new strategies, and the overall results we’ve achieved together.

Luke Braith

Owner @ Operation Good Dog

Derrick's expertise in Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, and their integration was invaluable. His informative monthly breakdowns and strategic insights provide a clear path for effective advertising campaigns. I highly recommend Derrick and 85 Campaigns for anyone needing guidance in advertising analytics.

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