Responsibilities & Acknowledgements

Paid Advertising

I acknowledge that paid platforms such as Google and Meta periodically suspend ad accounts, reject ads, or require verification documentation. While 85 Campaigns will strive to resolve these issues, they are not responsible for any damage caused to my business as a result of these issues.

I also understand that solicitation (spam), low-quality, unqualified, and lack of leads can be and are a natural part of any paid campaign. 85 Campaigns is not liable for lead quality and will not reimburse for unqualified leads.


Social Media & Content Deliverables

I acknowledge that 85 Campaigns will make reasonable efforts to meet social media and content deliverable deadlines. Occasionally, delays may occur due to revisions and unforeseen circumstances.

To maintain deadlines, 85 Campaigns will give me a reasonable window of time to approve content though if I am unresponsive, 85 Campaigns may proceed to publish content without my approval.

I also understand that solicitation (spam), low-quality, unqualified, irrelevant, and other malicious messages and comments may be posted across my social platforms. While 85 Campaigns will attempt to address these issues, they are not responsible for any resulting hard to my business as a result.


Google Business Profile

I understand that 85 Campaigns does not create, remove, and is in no way responsible for my Google Business Profile reviews.


Platforms & Access

I understand that 85 Campaigns will be marketing and advertising within my [client] owned accounts unless otherwise specified. If I no longer require the services of 85 Campaigns, I am responsible for removing unwanted user access to my website, socials, and other platforms to prevent unauthorized access. I understand the risk that leaving 3rd-party user accounts active could pose being accessed without my knowledge.

I understand that with making edits, updates, and changes to my website and other platforms carries the risk of suspension and/or temporary unavailability. I acknowledge that such incidents may occur due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to technical issues, unforeseen complications, or compliance requirements. 85 Campaigns will take precautions to minimize these risks and can assist in resolving any issues but will not be held liable for downtime or disruptions resulting from agree-upon changes.

I understand that I am responsible for my own websites and other platforms security and maintenance, including updates, patching security holes, or third-party compromises.



I, the client, am responsible for the billing, payments, and renewals across all accounts and ensuring an up-to-date payment method is active in each account.

I understand that billing and budgets may experience natural fluctuations as well as occasional errors throughout a campaigns lifecycle which may result in spending exceeding or falling below the allocated budget. 85 Campaigns will make diligent efforts to eliminate, minimize, and address such discrepancies, however 85 Campaigns is not responsible for reimbursing any overspend or losses due to billing, budgets, or other account errors.

If I no longer require 85 Campaigns’ services, I understand that I may need to purchase licenses for certain plugins, technologies, or services to retain access to their features or benefits. 85 Campaigns does not assume responsibility for keeping licenses or services active.


Lead Access

Lead information handling varies across platforms and may involve third-party connections (such as Zapier). 85 Campaigns will make diligent efforts to establish and maintain lead information delivery. However, 85 Campaigns bears no responsibility for lost or delayed receipt of lead data.

After the termination of our working relationship, any loss of customer submissions, new or archived, will not be attributed to 85 Campaigns, and 85 Campaigns have no obligation to aid in such matters.


Call Tracking (CallRail)

I understand that at the termination of my relationship with 85 Campaigns, that I will be responsible for canceling my CallRail account and restoring my phone numbers to my preferred choices. 85 Campaigns is not responsible for changing phone numbers, porting numbers, or terminating my CallRail account.


Acknowledgement of Risk

I acknowledge that marketing and advertising carries no guarantees. I understand that my investment in these efforts carries inherent risks, and I willingly assume full responsibility for these risks.