My Client Center (MCC) is used by agencies or account managers to simplify the task of accessing different client accounts. Often there are quite a few clients that an agency handles their Google Ads campaigns for. Keeping a record of individual Google Ad account login details for each client and accessing different client accounts at the same time would be hard to manage. That’s where MCC comes into the picture.

Why Use MCC?

MCC helps you link your Google Ads account to me or any reputable digital marketing agency without having to share your full Google Account login details. This allows your Google Ads marketing agency, to analyze and manage your Ad campaigns by using their own secure Google Account details.

Providing Google Ads access to a digital marketing agency via MCC gives you, the client, absolute control over your account. Sensitive information, such as your credit card details, password, or other Google login details, will not be visible to your agency or account manager even if they are allowed access to your account.

You can also remove or revoke an agency or account manager’s access from your Google Ads Account at any time.

How to Link A Google Ads Account?

If you have an existing Google Ads account, then you can link it to a MCC through the following steps:

1. Provide Account Number to Agency

Your Google Ads account has a ten digit account number associated to it which is displayed at the top of the screen within your account. Share this number with the Google Ads agency so that they can add you to their MCC account.

Google Ads Account Number Location Example

2. Receive MCC Invitation

After you have sent the agency your account number, they will use it to link your account to their MCC account.

You should receive an email when this is processed requesting your acceptance, but if that doesn’t come through can accept the access link request through the following steps:

Google Ads MCC Email Invitation Example

3. Accept Invitation

On the left hand column of the screen within your account, select “Settings”. This brings further options to select. Select “Sub-account settings”

Within that page, at the top, you will find the section “Received link requests”. In the box there will be a column named “Actions” that will give you the option of “Accept Invitation”.

Clicking on that would allow your Google Ads Agency to have access to your Google Ads account and create/manage your campaigns for you.

Questions? Get in contact and I can help out further.