Why Provide Meta Business Manager Access?

Your Meta Business Manager account is the central hub for all of your business needs across Meta (Facebook + Instagram), including advertising across the platform.

This hub shows and allows access to your Facebook page(s), ad account, Meta Pixel data, and so much more.

When adding an outside professional such as a freelancer or agency to your Meta Business Manager, you will want to do so as a Partner (with full/complete access). Doing so will allow them to publish ads, posts, and respond to other incoming comments while keeping you with full/complete access and more the ability to remove the Partner from accessing your assets at any time.

Providing another user or digital marketing agency Partner access still provides you absolute control over your account. It does not diminish your own capabilities within the system in any way.

You can also remove or revoke a user or agency’s access from your account at any time.

More information, including Meta’s Support Center’s instructions to provide Partner Business access can be found here: Meta Business Support

How to Provide Access to your Meta Business Manager?

1. Sign into your Meta Business Manager and goto Settings


2. Below Users, click Partners

3. Click + Add

4. Select Give a partner access to your assets

5. Enter 85 Campaigns’ Partner Business ID: 144576106698576

6a. On this screen, you can add partner to multiple assets:

>  In the first column, choose a type of asset

>  In the second column, select the assets you want to add your partner

>  In the third column, assign a role (for most assets, 85 Campaigns requests full/complete access)

>  Repeat these steps until you’ve chosen roles for all of the assets you want to assign

6b. 85 Campaigns typically requires access to the following assets:

>  Facebook page(s)

>  Pixel

>  Domain(s)

>  Instagram account(s)

>  Lead access

>  Ad account

7. Click Save Changes

Questions? Get in contact and I can help out further.