Why Provide Analytics Account Access?

Your Google Analytics account provides a fuller story about how users are interacting with your website. Providing a digital marketing agency with access to this data allows them to make more informed recommendations and decisions. Crosslinked with your Google Ads account, granting your agency access to your Google Analytics account allows them to edit valuable settings, set up goal tracking, and enable remarketing campaigns.

Providing another user or digital marketing agency account access still provides you absolute control over your account. It does not diminish your own capabilities within the system in any way. Sensitive information, such as your login credentials, or credit cards will not be visible to your agency or account manager even if they are allowed access to your account.

You can also remove or revoke a user or agency’s access from your account at any time.

More information, including Google’s Support Center’s instructions to provide Analytics account access can be found here: Google Analytics Support

How to Provide Access to your Google Analytics Account?

1. Sign into your Google Analytics Account


2. Click the Admin gear icon in the lower left corner

3. Click the Account Access Management

You’ll find that there is Account Access Management in one column and Property Access Management in the second column. To future-proof the onboarding process, providing Account Access is preferred.

You can learn about the different access options through this link: Google Analytics Account Structure

4. In the Account Users list, Click the big blue +, then click Add users

5. Enter the email address for the new user

Ensure the following permissions are selected: Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze

6. Click the Add button towards the top right of the screen

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