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The difference between Demand Generation and Lead Generation is often considered a minor one. So minor in fact that many professionals use the two terms interchangeably. The distinction between the two is important to make though. Demand generation is the marketing strategy that pursues to create a demand for, or interest in, your businesses product or service. Lead generation is the marketing strategy to collect potential buyer’s information through voluntary methods—turning them into sales leads.

With the increasing rise in digital channels (web, social, search, etc), so has the rise in inbound demand & lead generation strategies. Your digital presence has become your best salesperson. Buyers are more educated than ever. The “self-directed” buyer has emerged.

When a stranger initiates a relationship with you and your business, the transition from stranger to customer is much more natural. This will almost always be true, and thus Inbound demand & lead generation strategies are always optimizing and innovating; developing new technologies and techniques that identify, qualify, and attract buyers from key target markets.

There is no hard rule, but often demand generation is used for simpler purchases or those carrying a lower-cost; lead generation is often used when a purchase decision involves many stakeholders within an organization; or when it requires further nurturing, negotiation, or explanation of technical information by sales representatives. Many organizations utilize both strategies simultaneously.

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Who I am

I’m Derrick. I’m an American born and Canadian university educated remote digital marketing professional specialized in demand & lead generation. I have well over a decade of experience working in sales and marketing positions across a wide variety of industries and countries.

I’m a Google Ads, Analytics, and Ontraport certified professional. I’ve worked within the media departments of some of the largest and top advertising agencies throughout the US and Canada. There, generating demand for some of the world’s most reputable brands buying media ad space on their behalf—both online and off. Beyond the advertising agency life, I’ve assisted companies nearly across the full spectrum when it comes to marketing. I’ve led the task of constructing their whole marketing departments: hiring; mentoring; branding; strategy; budgets; messaging; redesigning and building their websites; their social profiles; and the creation of all new content and collateral.

Together we can get the most out of your marketing budget. I am scalable to your business needs.

Full Stack Marketing

To position myself I specialize in demand and lead generation, though throughout my entire work history I have gained a much broader expertise. I have developed industry specific knowledge that goes well beyond the offered strategies and services. In all the campaigns I deliver I do so with a holistic business approach.

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Delivering a holistic approach to marketing campaigns

My Process

Building effective marketing strategies that drive sales.
  • 1

    Build Brand Awareness & Increase Website Traffic

  • 2

    Convert Traffic into Warm Qualified Leads & Interested Customers

  • 3

    Establish Ongoing Relationships Through Email & Marketing Automation Campaigns

Why a Freelancer?

The Remote Advantage


There are no overhead costs for an outside freelancer such as computers, taxes, healthcare, or a retirement plan. There’s no accounting department. No employees you don’t need. You don’t need to provide them with any office space equipped with a table, chair, and electricity.  You’ll never have to buy me a cup of coffee.


If you don’t have the workload for a full-time 9-5 employee, chances are there are still a lot of tasks to be done or specializations desired. With a freelancer you can opt to pay them based off only the hours they work for you, or setup project based pricing. How much work they do for you and how much you pay is all flexible.


Freelancers tend to work for a wide variety of clients spanning many different industries. They see what works and what doesn’t on a near daily basis with the understanding of what works may not work for a different industry/business and vice versa. There is no stagnation of ideas from doing repetitive tasks for the same business year over year. Freelancers can bring these fresh outlooks into your company perhaps saving you time and money.

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Scalable to your needs.

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