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    I am a digital marketing freelancer specialized in demand & lead generation.
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    Outbound demand and lead generation strategies will always be of value, but in today’s ever-increasing digital world inbound strategies are complimenting outbound strategies generating more interest in less time and in a less costly way. While you and your sales reps can be busy with their time-consuming and costly outreach, your website and other digital properties can be working at a much larger macro scale, gaining website traffic, engaging your audience, building trust, and converting them into qualified leads or full-fledged repeat business customers. A solid inbound strategy can increase your qualified lead count and lower your overall Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

    I’m Derrick. I’m an American born and Canadian university educated remote digital marketing professional. For well over a decade I have been driving demand and leads to businesses throughout a wide variety of industries and across many countries. I’ve worked in top advertising agencies, corporate sales departments, and led marketing teams. In a freelance capacity, I integrate into your marketing strategy; together we optimize your inbound marketing strategy, messages, and overall sales funnel to deliver interested, qualified leads to and from your website and digital channels.

    Not all traffic is built the same. I focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) at every stage throughout the process. Beginning with honing in on your niche target market and buyer personas, to the overall messaging tailored to target where each buyer is within your sales funnel. Top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel–the objective is creating an effective and full pipeline at all levels.


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